Decendants of mormon Pioneer John Shaw

Jay Irvin Hadley: "My great grandpa pioneer Ambrose Shaw and pioneer wife, Pamela Dunn, left Iowa and traveled west with an OX drawn wagon to settle in Utah. This genealogy starts with his father, my g-g-g grandfather, John Shaw that also migrated  over the Mormon trail and into the Salt Lake Valley, Sept 20, 1848" read more about Ambrose Shaw | view the Prominent men of Utah bio's .doc | | Shaw genealogy charts

John Shaws father was Job Shaw and mother Lucy Sherman. Ambrose's mother Polly Marie fox's father was Jeremiah Fox and mother Olive Fitch and so the story begins...


Original manuscript descendants of Mormon pioneer, John Shaw | The Utah Shaw Genealogy papers
thought to be authored and hand typed by Olive Thressa (Shaw) McCarthy judging from the notes on the document, around 1959.
Starts with Page 1. Pages numbered as authored. Some information added by Jay Irvin Hadley, 2009 where noted.

Job Shaw Born October 25, 1764 at Watertown, Massachusetts marries Lucy Sherman, she the daughter of Edward Sherman.

Job Shaw genealogy charts


John         30 June 1790 - 5

Lucy          July 1880  

Spede        abt 1794 - 1796

Keziah        abt 1798

William E.   abt 1800 - 9 feb 1839

Benson       abt 1804

Manly Sherman abt 23 April 1811 - 25 april 1891

Mr. Job Shaw sold his place in Vermont for 1,300 silver dollars which he invested in the mercantile business and lost it. He then moved to Victor, New York where he probably died.

John Shaw - First

Son of Job and Lucy Sherman Shaw, (Grandfather of Theresa Shaw McCarthy.) Born June 30, 1790 at Bridgewater, Windsor County, Vermont. Died July 5, 1880 at Ogden, Utah. Married January 1, 1812 at Victor, Ontario Caounty, New York to Polly Marie Fox, born January 1, 1790 at Sheffield, Berkshire County, massachusetts. Died January 21, 1873


John Shaw resided at Victor until 1825 when he moved to Bennington, New York. In 1842 he became a member of the Latter Day Saints Church. He was baptized by Elder Sweet. In 1843-1844, he moved with most of his family to Laharp, Hancock County, Illinois. In 1845 John and Maria were endowed in the New Latter day saints Temple at Nauvoo, Illinois. In 1846 they moved with the exodus of saints to Council Bluffs, Iowa, then known as Kanesville. In 1848, they moved to the Valleys of the Mountains in Lorenzo Snow's Company. When nearing the end of their journey at Weber River, his Company received orders to await the arrival of President Brigham Young's company. On their arrival, both companies continued on to the Great Salt Lake Valley, arriving at Great Salt Lake City which it was then called; September 20, 1848.

In 1850, they moved to Ogden, Utah, locating first at Farr's fort, his house being the third from the southeast corner of the Fort in the south row of houses. It is interesting to note how this fort was built for protection from Indians. The Fort was built in 1850 with log cabins erected on each of the four sides of a square, placed close together with the doors of each house opening on the inside of the enclosure. There was a road through the center of the Fort from west to east. Near the center of this Fort, on the north side of the road was built the first school house in Ogden city. About 1852 or 1853, John Shaw located a farm. The tract of land was situated on the east side of Washington Avenue, the canyon road being the south lines; center of Mill Creek the north line; and then 80 rods east. Later of this land was deeded to William Montgomery Shaw, his youngest son.


The first six were born at Victor, New York and others at Bennington, New York.


Myrtillo Shaw History Myrtillo Shaw Born August 1, 1814. Married Harriet Orilla Austin September 17, 1839. Myrtillo Shaw

Myrtillo Shaw Jr. SHAW, MYRTILLO Jr. (son of Myrtillo Shaw and Harriet Aurelia Austin) Born March 29, 1858, at Ogden, Utah Married Anna Hermina Cardon Sept 25, 1879 (daughter of John Cardon and Anna R Furrer), who was born Jan 23, 1861, at Ogden. Their children David Myrtillo born Nov 6, 1881, m Gwendolyn Williams June 11, 1907, Austin Her man b April 9, 1884, m Eva B Brown June 22, 1909, Her¬ mina Nettie b July 28, 1887, married Elbert P Drumiler June 3, 1908, Rozina Pearl born June 21, 1890, married Lester I Perry born June 14, 1911, Lester Moses born Oct 12, 1894, died Dec 16, 1894, Bertha Mary born Jan 23, 1896, Lillian Aurelia born Oct 12, 1900. The family home was in Ogden, Utah. Missionary to southern states 1886 Member city council of Ogden 1898-99 Merchant

John L. Shaw  Born May 1816. Married Tryphenia Merrill September 27, 1839.

Sylvester Shaw  Born 1818. Married Amelia Noble July 4, 1845.

Henry C. Shaw Born July 1, 1820. Married Jane Waldron 1845.

Zebediah Shaw  Born august 5, 1822. Married Betsy Stark February 2, 1849.

Ambrose Shaw  born September 12, 1824. Married Pamelia Dunn June 22, 1846.
                                    Married Minerva Peace Stone January 1, 1875.

William M. Shaw Born September 8, 1826. Married Diana chase January 1, 1849. Married twice again.

Polly Maria Shaw Born February 28, 1830. Married Lorin Dunn. Married Lafayette Williams.

Olive Ann Shaw Born 1833. Married Benjamin Cazier at North Ogden, Utah.

AUTHORS NOTE: These were Theresa Shaw McCarthy's father's brothers and sisters.

Some Strange Documents of John Shaw's.

Addenda. Due John Shaw, five gallons, two quarts, 1pint whiskey on demand, for value received. Victor, New York, 6 October 1820.
                        (signed) James Williams

Victor, New York deed 40 acres dated June 2, 1821.Henry Champion to John Shaw for $250.00.

School Trustee 1834 rate bill of assessment. May 13, 1843 gave Phineas H. Young power of attorney to sell or lease 256 acres of land in Bennington, Wyoming County, New York.

November 15, 1844 Paid $6.17 tax on 129 acres in Hancock County, Illinois.

SHAW, JOHN (son of Job Shaw and Lucy Sherman of Windsor county Vt, born Oct 25, 1766) He was born June 30, 1790, Bndgewater, Windsor county, Vt Came to Utah Sept 20, 1848 with the Lorenzo Snow company. Married Polly Maria Fox Jan 1, 1812, Victor, Ontario county, N Y (daughter of Jeremiah and Olive Fox), who was born Jan 1, 1790, in Sheffield, Mass, died January, 1873, North Ogden Utah Their children Myrtillo born Aug 1, 1814, married Harriet Aurelia Austin Sept 16 1838, John L born May, 1816, married Tryphema Merrill 1842, Sylvester born 1818 married Amelia Noble, Henry C born July 1, 1820, married Jane Waldron 1846, Zebediah born Aug 5, 1822, married Betsie Starks 1847, Ambrose born Sept 12, 1824, married Pamelia Dunn June 22, 1846, married second. Minerva P Stone Jan 1, 1875 William born Sept 8, 1826 married Diana Chase 1848, Polly Maria born Feb 28, 1830, married Lorin Dunn 1846, married Lafayette Williams 1856, Olive born 1833, married Benjamin Cazier 1848 Settled at Salt Lake City 1848, moved to Ogden 1850. Died July 5, 1880, at Ogden, Utah.

From other sources

SHAW, JOHN (son of Job Shaw and Lucy Sherman of Windsor county Vt,
born Oct 25, 1766) He was born June 30,
1790, Bndgewater, Windsor county, Vt Came to Utah Sept
20, 1848 Lorenzo Snow company
Married Polly Maria Fox Jan 1, 1812, Victor, Ontario
county, N Y (daughter of Jeremiah and Olive Fox), who
was born Jan 1, 1790, in Sheffield, Mass, died January, 1873,
North Ogden Utah Their children Myrtillo b Aug 1,
1814, m Harriet Aurelia Austin Sept 16 1838 John L b
May, 1816, m Tryphema Merrill 1842, Sylvester b 1818 m
Amelia Noble, Henry C b July 1, 1820, m Jane Waldron
1846, Zebediah b Aug 5, 1822, m Betsie Starks 1847,
Ambrose b Sept 12, 1824, m Pamelia Dunn June 22, 1846, m.
Minerva P Stone Jan 1, 1875 William b Sept 8, 1826 m
Diana Chase 1848, Polly Maria b Feb 28, 1830, m Lorin Dunn
1846, m Lafayette Williams 1856, Olive b 1833, m Benjamin
Cazier 1848
Settled at Salt Lake City 1848, moved to Ogden 1850.
Died July 5, 1880, at Ogden, Utah



...son of John and Polly Maria Fox Shaw. Born August 1, 1814, victor, New York. Died January 20, 1896, Ogden, Utah. Married September 16, 1828, Bennington, Wyoming County, New York, to Harriet Orvilla Austin (daughter of Tobert R. and Harriet Thodes Austin) who was born February 3, 1820, Bennington, New York and died May 24, 1921, Ogden, Utah.

In 1825 Myrtillo Shaw came with his parents from Victor, New York to Bennington New York. In June 1842, Mr. and Mrs. Shaw were baptized by Elder Phineas H. Young of the Latter Day Saints Church. In 1843 or 1844 they moved to Laharp, Hancock County, Illinois; then in 1846 to Council Bluffs, Iowa, then with Mr. Shaw s parents, they left for the Valleys of the Mountains arriving at Great Salt Lake City September 20, 1848. They moved to Ogden, Utah in the spring of 1850, locating at Farr's Fort. They built their first home in the north line of the Fort toward the west and just west of Mill Creek Bridge as now located, and close to the Creek on the south side. They made Ogden their home the rest of their lives.

SHAW, MTRTILLO (son of John Shaw and Polly Maria Fox) Born Aug 1, 1814, Victor, N T Married Harriet Aurelia Austin Sept 16, 1838, town of Vermont, Wyoming county, N T (daughter of Robert R Austin and Harriet Rhodes), who was born Feb 3, 1820, Bennington, N T Their children Francis b July 1, 1841, m Ophelia Farley, Harriet Aurelia b Feb 23, 1843, m Cornele Stevens, Robert R b April 15, 1846, m Ninnetta Caziah June 14, 1869, Polly Maria b Feb 6, 1848, m Alfred Folker, John b Feb 17, 1860, m Julia Gaido, James Henry b Feb. 9, 1852, m Mary Williams, Pyrmelia b Dec 8, 1853, d Oct 16, 1855, Jedediah M b Nov 24, 1855, m Mary Hannah Burchel, Myrtillo b March 29, 1858, m Anna H Cardon Sept 25, 1879, Wilber b Feb 20, 1860, Welcome Austin b Oct 29, 1863, d Nov 11, 1881, Crandle b Feb 19, 1866, d. April 9, 1866 Family home Ogden, Utah.


Francis Shaw Born July 1, 1841, Bennington. Married Ophelia Farley.

Harriet Orilla Born February 23, 1843 Bennington. Married John C. Stephens.

Robert R. Shaw Born April 15, 1845, Laharp, Illinois. Married Minnetta Cazoir.

Polly Maria Shaw Born February 6, 1848, Council Bluffs. Married Alfred Folker.

John Shaw Born February 17, 1850. Salt Lake city, Utah. Married Julia Gaydon.John Shaw born 1850

James Henry Shaw Born February 9, 1852. Ogden, Utah. Married Mary Williams.

Pamelia Shaw Born December 8, 1853. Died 1855 Ogden, Utah.


Jebediah Shaw Born November 24, 1855. Ogden Married Mary Burchell.

Myrtillo Shaw jr. Born March 29, 1858. Ogden. Married Anna Hemina Cordon.

Wilber Shaw Born February 20, 1860. single Ogden.

Welcome Austin Shaw Born October 29, 1863. Died November 11, 1881.

Crandall Shaw Born February 19, 1866. Died April 9, 1866.

While I'm at it, I thought I'd also share some thoughts on one of the traditional, putative children of Job Shaw and Lucy Sherman. The lists of their children include one named WELCOME SHAW, who was born at some time from 1802 to 1805, or from 1807 to 1808, or else in 1813 (those are the only gaps in which unplaced children of Job and Lucy could fit chronologically). Well, the name "Welcome" could be either a boy's name or a girl's name, and I wasn't sure what this child's sex was. I've noticed that there was a man named Welcome Shaw in Carver, Massachusetts, during the 1800s -- he belonged to a branch of our Shaw family, but he's obviously not one of Job Shaw's children. But there were two other Welcome Shaws in our family. Job Shaw's eldest son was John Shaw, whose eldest son was Myrtillo Shaw Sr. -- Myrtillo named one of his sons WELCOME AUSTIN SHAW. Welcome Austin died as a child, though. However, one of Welcome's brothers decided to name one of his own sons WELCOME DARWIN SHAW. (By the way, it's interesting that Keziah Shaw Morgan's firstborn child was named DARWIN E. MORGAN -- perhaps a coincidence, or perhaps not.) So then, what we have is a Welcome Shaw who was the nephew of a Welcome Shaw, who was in turn, according to tradition, the great-nephew of a Welcome Shaw. Since the younger two Welcomes were males, I would say that Job Shaw's putative child Welcome was a male as well -- and it appears that Myrtillo named his son Welcome Austin Shaw after his (Myrtillo's) uncle Welcome. I have not yet been able to locate this putative son Welcome Shaw, but I do note that in the latter 1800s there was a WELCOME F. SHAW living in Syracuse, New York. Could he be our Welcome? I'll have to see what I can find out about him. Your cousin, Jared


NOTE: Mrs. Teresa Shaw McCarthy knew most of these people.


Son of John and Poly M. Fox Shaw. Born May 1816, Victor, New York. Moved with his parents to Bennington, New York in 1825. He married Tryphenia Merrill September 27, 1844 at Oakfield, Orleans County, New York. Soon after his marriage, he was living at Laharp, Hancock County, Illinois. Later, he moved to Lee Center, Illinois where he died in 1906.


John Shaw died in infancy.

Ellen Shaw Married Mr. Hodges. Lived at Lee Center. Used to visit Mrs. Theresa Shaw McCarthy s mother. She was a tiny
                   little woman. Died about 1934 or 1935 (no dates) at age of 92.


Son of John and Polly M. Fox Shaw. Born 1818, Victor, New York. Moved to Bennington, New York with parents in 1825. About 1840 he went to Lee Center, Lee County, Illinois, where he married Amelia Noble.


Oscar Shaw


James Shaw

Hattie Shaw

Lydia Shaw married Mr. Daniels and had 3 sons.

Ella Shaw


Son of John and Polly M. Fox Shaw. Born July 1, 1820, Victor, New York. Moved to Bennington in 1825. In 1841, he located at Lee Center, Illinois. In 1846 he married Jane Walden. They had eight sons and two daughters, all living in 1890.


Olive Shaw Married Chas. Everts William Single

Deforest Shaw Married Wilford Married Arthur Married Lydia Laooery. Had one daughter, Minerva.
                         Died in Los Angeles about 1929 or 1930.

Lydia Shaw - died in Los Angeles about 1932.

Dock Shaw

Everett Shaw

Chauncey Shaw

Don Shaw

Madeline Shaw


Son of John and Poly M. Fox Shaw. Born August 5, 1822, victor, New York. Died Toronto, Canada. In 1847 he married Betsy Stark at Bradsford, Illinois. She probably died ...


in Canada.

He moved to Bennington, New York with his parents in 1825. After leaving Bennington, he first located at Lee Center, Illinois and later at Conrad, Marchal County, Iowa where they were living in 1890. From there they went to Canada to reside with a daughter where they both died.

Children Alice - Married Duran F. Huibert





Son of John and Poly M. Fox. Born September 12, 1824 at Victor, New York. Died January 14, 1906, Ogden, Utah. Married first, June 22, 1846 to Pamiela Dunn (at Mt. Pisqah), born July 28, 1830 in Michigan. Died March 21, 1871, at Ogden, Utah. She was a daughter of John and Sally Barker Dunn. No children. married 2nd - Minerva P. Stone January 1, 1875 at North Ogden, Utah by Benjamine Cazair, Justice of the Peace.

Minerva was born at Bountiful, Utah, November 29, 1851 and died July 21, 1936. She was daughter of Amos Peace and Minerva Leantine Jones Stone.

Ambrose moved from Victor, New York to Bennington with his parents in 1825, Lived there untill 1843, then moved with his parents to Laharp, Illionois then to Kansville, now known as Councill Bluffs, Iowa.

In June 1847 Ambrose and his wife left the Elk Horn River for the west, being among the first ten of the second Company to arrive at the Great Salt Lake Valley arriving at Great


Salt Lake City September 12, 1847 on his 23rd birthday. Here he helped build the first sawmill race in Utah near Salt Lake city on the south; he also assisted in the construction on Cottonwood creek, the first Irrigation ditch in Utah. In the spring of 1847, Ambrose and wife moved to the Ogden, River, locating on the north side of the river where he built one of the first three houses north of Ogden River. Here he raised a crop of corn and wheat, the corn being the first raised in what is now known as Weber County. There were at this time but five families as far north as Ogden River. They were the Browns, Sheldons and Burch families on the south and Chase Hubbard and Ambrose and William Shaw on the north. Here too, he helped to construct the first irrigation ditch in Weber county.

In 1850 he built a log cabin in Farr's Fort and moved into it. This cabin being the second from the southeast corner of the fort in the south row of houses the first house west of the Lorin Farr residence. There were about 60 families, 250 souls; living in the Fort in the winter of 1850-1851. In 1852-1853, Ambrose Shaw moved to what was known as Mound Fort located on the north side of what is now 12th Street and on the west side of Washington Avenue in Ogden, Utah. He participated in the only two Indian uprising in Weber County. The first in 1850 when Chief Terikee of the Shoshone Tribe was shot and killed by Urban Stewart. Stewart, fearing for his life, fled south. It was claimed the Indian was stealing corn. Fear of an attack from the Indians, Ambrose and Myrtillo Shaw, Clinton D. Bronson, Joseph Thome and Mr. Campbell who was a millwright for Loren Farr, were sent out to warn the people living in Ogden Hole, now known as North Ogden, to come to the Fort and gather their stock from the ranges for protection. They were pursued by a large...

-8- of Indians but by the fleetness of his horse, Ambrose Shaw arrived safely at the Fort. Mr. Campbell was overtaken by the Indians, his gun taken from him and used by the Indians to shoot him. Mr. Bronson's horse dropped dead as he rode into the Fort. Major David Moore immediately started for Salt Lake City to notify Brigham Young, who without delay sent a company of militia to Ogden to protect the settlers.

The next outbreak was in July 1859 when there was a reunion of the Dunn families at the home of Bishop Thomas Dunn at North Ogden. The trouble started through an argument between a Mr. Bardner and an Indian. Mr. Barder struck the Indian, which resulted in a gathering together of large band of braves who after securing whiskey from the distillery, made a raid on the Bishop s home. The Indians, dressed in only breech cloths and war paint, rode round the house, whooping and yelling, threatening all with destruction but were finally subdued and pacified by Bishop Dunn who gave then a beef ox and several sacks of flour.

Ambrose Shaw furnished teams and rendered other valuable assistance at various times for the support and relief of the immigration companies in crossing the plains and for other charitable purposes. He spent the remainder of his life in Ogden and became a member of the Latter Day Saints church May 9, 1905. during his lifetime, Ambrose Shaw was an energetic and active figure in business circles and did much for the up building of Weber County and Ogden City.

Another account taken from Weber county history:
A Concise History of the Beginning of Weber County and Ogden City
Compiled by William W. Terry
The expansion north of the Ogden River also followed the available water for irrigation. By 1850 a few families had gone northwest and settled of Four Mile Creek (now Harrisville). It was there in late summer of 1850 that an unfortunate incident occurred. Urban Stewart shot Chief Terikee in his corn patch. He though that the Indian was stealing corn when in reality he was searching for his strayed horse. This incident led to the construction of the first of nine forts built by the Mormon settlers in the county beginning in 1850 with Farr's Fort. The Shoshone Indians were friendly people and not one of the nine forts was ever attacked by them, even after the shooting of one of their chiefs, thanks to the pacifying efforts of Lorin Farr.


Ambrose A. Shaw born November 4, 1875, died February 28, 1947 at the age of 72. Married Elizabeth Dee December 9, 1903.

Ernest Shaw Born October 3, 1877. Married Grace Vanderhoof July 14th, 1901, died August 14th 1962 at age 85.


Eva Pamelia Shaw born January 23, 1880, died March 6, 1886.

Cordelia Shaw born December 12, 1881, died October 10, 1883.

Merlin Shaw Born June 14, 1885, died July 7, 1941 at the age of 56.

Olive Theresa - Born March 9, 1889, married William Gordon August 11, 1906. Married Arthur T. McCarthy Ventura, California.


Son of Ambrose and Minerva Stone Shaw. Born November 4, 1875 at Ogden, Utah. He grew up in the Mound Fort district. Attended school in a log school house on Washington Boulevard and 12th Street. Also attended the Sacred Heart Academy which was built on the southwest corner of 26th and Washington Avenue. Also attended the Central School and graduated from Smith Business College. December 9, 1903, Ambrose married Mary Elizabeth Dee, daughter of Thomas Dee and Annie Taylor Dee born January 27, 1878. They were married by Bishop James Taylor of the Mound Fort Ward at Ogden, Utah. They moved into a new home built at 1444 Washington boulevard. Elizabeth and daughter Elizabeth Dee Stewart are still living there (February 16, 1959).

SHAW, AMBROSE AMOS (son of Ambrose Shaw and Minerva Pease Stone). Born Nov 4, 1875, Ogden, Utah. Married Mary Elizabeth Dee Dec 9, 1903, Ogden, Utah (daughter of Thomas Duncombe Dee, born Nov 10, 1844, Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales, and Annie Taylor, born Nov 4, 1852, at Lostockgralen, Chestershire, Eng—married April 10, 1871, Salt Lake City) She was born Jan 27, 1878, Ogden, Utah Their child Elizabeth Dee b April 30, 1906 Family home, Ogden Engaged in the coal business at Ogden.

editors note:

I asked cousin Laurie Shaw (son of Jesse A. Shaw) about the Dee's. Here is what he replied in an e-mail.
Elizabeth Dee was uncle Am's wife and she was the daughter of Thomas D. Dee . Elizabeth Dee Shaw Stewart was their daughter , she was the same age as my dad. Thomas D Dee had six daughters and one son. The sons' name was Lawrence Taylor Dee , he had one son who is my very good friend Thomas D. Dee 2nd. Tommy's grand mother started the first Dee Hospital at 24th and Harrison Blvd. in Ogden, Utah. Tomy will be 87 years old on the 27th of April, and he is still active on the Mc Kay -Dee Hospital board.

Ambrose A. Shaw was very active in the coal business for many years. His first love was horses. From the time he was six years of age when his father bought him a horse, he was never without at least one and usually several. He was active in farming, stock raising and had many business interests throughout the state. He was a member of the Kiwanis Club for many years. Attended their conventions in Europe and also in Hawaii. He also was a member of good standing in the Weber Club and Chamber of Commerce.

While he was never a member of the Latter Day Saints, he was a hard worker and generous donor to the cause, always willing to help out in many ways. In fact, he always said he was the


...Bishop's Third Councilor and made several trips to California and often visited Theresa Shaw McCarthy in California where she really became acquainted with him. He spent two weeks in California with her just before he passed away, February 27th, 1947 at Ogden, Utah at age 72. There was one daughter, Elizabeth Dee Shaw born April 30, 1905 at Ogden. Blessed July 16, 1905, Bishop Thomas P. Terry. Married to Don Stewart.


Son of Ambrose and Minerva P. Stone Shaw born October 3, 1877 at Ogden, Utah. Ernest is still living in Ogden. Theresa Shaw McCarthy spent his 81st birthday with him. He went to school at the old Mound Fort School, the sacred Heart academy which was located at 26th and Washington Avenue and also Central School and Smith Business College.

He was married to Grace Vanderhoof July 14th, 1901. Moved to Snowville, Utah where he had a ranch. Farming and stock raising were his main objects. In later years, he worked for the city of Ogden. He is now retired and living at 1222 Grant Avenue, Ogden. Birds eye view of his prperty now.


Ernest Leroy Shaw Born 4/30/1902 Ogden

Melba Shaw  Born 9/16/1904 Ogden

Jessie A. Shaw 12/02/1906 Born Ogden

Phyllis Shaw Born 8/11/1907 Snowville

Lerona Mary Shaw Born 3/12/1910 Ogden

Gracie Shaw  Born 6/10/1911 Ogden

Beverly Shaw Born 12/5/1925 Ogden

Robert Joyce Shaw Born 12/3/1919 Ogden


Robert Shaw Born Ogden

Murris Warren Shaw died in infancy.


Daughter of Ambrose and Minerva Stone Shaw. Born Ogden December 12, 1881 and died March 6 1886 when the Shaw home was destroyed by fire. 1886_house-fire.pdf She was a beautiful child - long golden curls - a wonderful disposition. It was such a tragic thing. 


Daughter of Ambrose and Manerva Stone Shaw. Born Ogden December 12, 1881 and died 1881 October 10, 1883 at Ogden from typhoid fever.


Son of Ambrose and Minerva Stone Shaw. Born June 14th, 1885 at Ogden. Died July 1941. Married Irma Douglas August 26, 1908. Merlin went to Ogden High School. Graduated from Smith Business College. He was a lover of animals, always had a horse, dog, cats. He was in the insurance business in Ogden for a number of years. Always had a desire to garden. In later years, he raised plants for commercial purposes. He was a member of the Elks Lodge and active in civic activities. He died after a long illness and suffering.


Blanche Shaw Born august 19, 1909. Married Lawrence Bluth of Ogden. Has one daughter, Laurie Bluth.

Ambrose Douglas Born August 20, 1913. Is single. Lived with Irma in Ogden.

Olive Theresa Shaw Born March 9, 1889 at Ogden. Married William J. Gordon who died May 1930, on August 11, 1906.
                               Went to Mound Fort School and Ogden High one year. Spent years in Ogden and Salt Lake.
                               Came to California in august 1924 an has lived there since. Has one daughter, Florence
                               Minerva Gordon born July 4, 1907. Married Laurence C. Burklund November 1937. Lives in Portland,


 Oregon. Florence has one daughter, Susan Carpol who was born January 8 1944. Olive Theresa married Arthur T. McCarthy at Ventura, California March 1, 1939 and is now living in Inglewood, California.

William Montgomery Shaw - Seventh

Son of John and Poly Shaw, Born September 8, 1826 at Bennington, New York. Married at Salt Lake City, Utah to Diana Chase January 1, 1849. Diana was born at Sparta, Livingston County, New York July 25, 1847 and died at Ogden September 6, 1886. She was a daughter of Ezra and Tirzah Wells Chase. William resided with his parents until after their arrival in Utah with Lorenzo Snow's Company September 20, 1848.

In the spring of 1849, William moved to Ogden, locating on the north side of the fort. During this spring, Ezra Chase and his son Eligia Wells, Henry Dudley and Newton with Ambrose and William Shaw and Charles Hubbard, constructing the first Irrigation ditch taken out of Ogden River. This ditch or canal, carried the water from the river into an old river wash, since and still known as "Mill Creek", from which other ditches were taken.

The Chase and Shaw farms were the first cultivated north of Ogden River, The above families were the only ones north of the River at this time.

On May 2, 1850, William and wife Diane and daughter Rosabel, together with Ezra Chase and son, the Porter family and James Barker and perhaps others, left Ogden for California. They went by the northern rout part way, then via Carson Valley (which was part of Utah) over the Sierra Nevada mountains and located on Deer Creek, Eldorado County, California in south-east direction from Folsom and east from Sacramento. Here they put up large quantites of hay which they sold at  good prices.

In the fall of 1853, William and family returned to Ogden. Porter Rockwell who it was sold


... had been trading with cattle rustlers, returned with them. On Novemeber13, 1864, William and Diane were re-baptized in the Mound Fort district, Ogden, by Robert Winter, Sr. Williams was confirmed by Amos P. Stone, ordained by Robert Winter, Sr. William died December 27, 1902 at Ogden, Utah. William married Nane Crawford and had two daughters, Vesta and Guertie. Also in later years, married a Mrs. Leak.

Children of William and Diana Shaw

SHAW, William Dudly (son of William Shaw and Diana Chase) Born May 15, 1855 Ogden, Utah Married Anna Rosina Cardon Dec 29, 1878 (daughter of John Cardon and Anna Furrer, pioneers 1853 and 1856, respectively—married 1856, Salt Lake City) She was born Feb 14, 1858, Ogden, Utah Their children William Alben b Feb 23, 1880, m. Constance M Minns Aug 26, 1904, Rosina Diana b June 23, 1882, m Lawrence W Sherner June, 1902, Ariel Ruben b June 10, 1884, died, Joseph Daniel b Jan 15, 1888. died, David John b Jan 28, 1890, Mary Anna b Aug 2, 1892, Martha Lily b June 23, 1896, Lucy Leahona b June 30, 1900 Family resided Ogden and Logan, Utah Seventy, Sunday school superintendent, ward teacher; missionary to eastern states 1896-1898 Merchant.

Rosabel Shaw Born October 12, 1849. Married John Hubbard.

Manley Shaw - Born December 28, 1851 at Deer Creek, California. Died August 7, 1913, Logan, Utah.

Ambrose E. Shaw  Born August 31, 1857. Married Rosetta Child.

Ambrose E. Shaw, long prominant in Ogden business activities died in sunday afternoon at his home, 421 sixteenth Street after an illness of two weeks, age 70 years.
    Mr. Shaw was born in Ogden on August 31, 1857, the third son of William M. and Diana Chase Shaw. They were pioneers of Utah. Coming to Ogden in 1848 from New York state and made their home on the property now located at the corner of Canyon road and Washington avenue. This property had remained in part in the posession of Ambrose E. Shaw up to the time of his death. He recieved his early education in the old Mound Fort rock school house, which was located where the Mound Fort school now stands, attending school three months during winter and working during the remainder of the year.
    In 1977 he went into railroad service, but two years later he took over his father's farm for one year.

Enters business

In 1879 Mr. Shaw began his career in business, working as clerk for Higginbotham & Co., with which establishment D. H. Pecry was connected. It was from Mr. Pecry he recieved his first business instruction. One of the admonitons given him and which he endeavered to apply in life was: "For Young people to become successful, prosperous and happy, they must spend less than they earn; if they make 50 cents endeavor to save 25 cents."
    In 1850 the firm name was changed to Higginbotham & Clark and soom afterwards Mr. shaw purchased the Higginbotham interst and the firm was known for 10 years as Clark & Shaw. Then I. L. Clark became the sole owner of the business and Mr. Shaw continued as an employe until 1912, at which time he accepted a position with the Golden Rule Mercantile Company of Ogden, and at the time of his death was their cashier.
    Ecclesiastically Mr. Shaw was a devout Latter-Day Saint. For 10 years he was clerk of the Seventh ward under Bishop James Taylor and Miles L. Jones and for a number of years was associated in the supervision of the high priest class of the Seventh ward. A member of the high priest quorum of the Ogden stake.

Family Members

On december 25, 1878, Rosetta J. Child, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Child, became his wife and to them has been born eight children, seven of whom survive, besides his wife. They are: William W. Shaw, Mrs. D. G. Morris, Mrs. John R. Watson, Mrs. E. R. Shurtliff, all of Ogden; Charles A. Shaw of Butte, Montanna, Mrs. Charles L. Buhler of Heber City. Twenty four grandchildren, one great grandchild and four sisters; Mrs. O. P. Badger, Mrs. Ina Drake, and Mrs. James McFarlane of Ogden, also survive.
    Funeral services were held in the Seventh ward chapel, conducted by Bishop William Arthur Budge. The body was viewed at the home, 421 Sixteenth street. Mr. Shaw was buried in the Ogden City cemetry under the direction of Larkin & Sons.

Annie Shaw  Born March 6, 1861. Married James McFarland.

Clarence Shaw  Born March 15, 1870. Lived in San Francisco. He was single. He died there and his estate was
                        divided among his brothers and sisters.

Daughter Of John and Poly Maria Fox Shaw.

Poly Maria Shaw was born in Bennington, New York February 28, 1830. She was married to Lorin Dunn at Mt. Pisgah, Iowa June 22, 1846. There were two children of this marriage Lorin and Laura. Both died young before coming to Utah. Lorin Dunn died on April1, 1855. She married Lafayette W. Williams (Born April 15, 1825.


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